A success story

Ricky’s success story.

Get Set for a confidence boost. Ricky improves his numeracy skills and confidence with Multiply, our free adult maths support programme.

Multiply | 12 June 2024

What was Ricky’s situation?

Ricky Davies and his daughter Vanessa, enrolled on our Multiply programme to improve their numeracy skills. Ricky is dyslexic and struggles with reading and writing. He was concerned about how this would impact him on the course as he often has to rely on his family for support.

How did Get Set UK help?

Sharon Marie Brown, Get Set UK Multiply Trainer, addressed Ricky’s concerns and created a personalised learning plan. She broke the programme into one-hour sessions and embedded reading and writing techniques within these sessions to motivate and engage Ricky to speak, ask questions, learn new vocabulary and write down his thoughts.

Now that Ricky has completed the course, he feels more confident in his job search and has added this to his CV. Sharon commented: “It was a great pleasure to support Ricky and his daughter in their Multiply journey. Ricky expressed how my personalised support and interactive teaching methods kept his interest and is why he completed the course.”

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