Get Set to develop your workforce.

Prioritise your team’s development

Get Set to upskill your employees.

Employees make up the heart of your business and contribute essential skills, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights to help your business grow. Prioritising the development of your team’s skills not only boosts employee motivation and engagement it also helps lower employee turnover.

Navigating skills development can be difficult especially when budget constraints come into play. Demonstrating ROI for Learning and Development initiatives can be challenging, however many businesses and their employees can take advantage of upskilling opportunities through Government funding and this is where Get Set UK can help. Using this funding you can invest in your team’s growth and drive sustainable success for your business, all the while creating a culture of continuous learning and advancement.

Which training programme is right for your business?

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We have a variety of government-funded programmes available to employers to upskill their employees at no cost. If you are looking for flexible training that delivers long-term benefits to your business there are many fully funded options we can help you explore to maximise the productivity of your workforce.

I want to upskill my employees

Get Set for Skills for Work.

We have a variety of free and co-funded training courses designed to provide your workforce with the skills and qualifications they need to progress in their job roles. Through the Adult Education Budget (AEB), Skills for Work can support you in upskilling your employees and help to grow your business.

With a focus on growing industry sectors, we have Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses available to progress career development in Health and Social Care, Teaching, and Digital Skills including Coding and Web Design.

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I want to provide on the job training

Get Set for Apprenticeships.

Elevate your workforce by investing in your current employees. Anyone in your business can enrol on an apprenticeship which provides a combination of work and study by mixing on-the-job training and traditional learning. Apprenticeships are designed by employers so they reflect the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours that your business needs.

You can use apprenticeship training to fill key skills gaps in your business and boost team motivation by investing in employee development. We have a wide range of Apprenticeship programmes that are suitable for employers who are looking to develop their employees. You can use your apprenticeship levy contribution to pay for apprenticeships.


I want to elevate my team’s digital skills

Get Set for
Skills Bootcamps.

Skills Bootcamps are short 12-week courses focusing on digital development skills that support your business’s digital growth. Each Bootcamp is designed to build up valuable sector-specific skills and provide your employees with the practical and technical knowledge they need to develop in their role.

We offer part-funded training that supports you in upskilling your employees with minimal costs to your business. Government grants mean that you will only need to pay 10-30% of the course cost. Developing the skill set of your team will help you to retain your employees, cut recruitment fees, and grow your business from within.

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