A success story

Success story.

This client was laid off from her job and didn’t know who to turn to for assistance. We’re working with her to seek a suitable career.

JETS | 14 March 2022

What was their situation?

Before joining this programme, the client was sceptical, unsure how we would be able to assist her in finding work. She was made redundant from her job and didn’t know who she could turn to for help. She lacked self-assurance as well as motivation to look for work. Our advisor was aware of the client’s issues and barriers and she took care of these issues before trying to place the client in employment.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our advisor assisted the client in understanding the provisions as well as the advantages of being a part of it. She supported her in making her CV stand out and gaining the client’s trust by giving her possible career opportunities. Although the client is still seeking for job, our employment advisor’s assistance and support have been invaluable in boosting the client’s confidence and determination to find work.

Our customer is still looking for work, but she now feels more confident and motivated. In addition, the client has a better understanding of what we can do for her. She expresses her gratitude for the support. We will continue to support her and are optimistic that she will be able to find a new job shortly.

“Chelsea, has been a fantastic employment advisor. She is supportive and very professional, but she is also polite, friendly and approachable. Chelsea, in my opinion, goes above and beyond in providing support and assistance to job seekers, since I have asked her to forward my CV and talk to companies about the positions for which I want to apply on several occasions. She does this without hesitation, which I know she doesn’t have to do, but she does. She also keeps her appointments on time and efficiently. She is always on time, and if she is going to be late in calling, she will let you know ahead of time.

I was sceptical before enrolling in this programme. However, after speaking with and consulting with this Get Set UK expert, I believe it is a fantastic programme that has been created to assist job seekers. I will definitely recommend this to people I know who are looking for work. I am very thankful to Chelsea and Get Set UK for all the support, tips, and advice they have given to me so far.  Amazing and fabulous!”


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