A success story

Success story.

This customer was an unemployed single mother and we assisted her in finding a new job to support her family.

Restart | 18 March 2022

What was their situation?

The participant was a single mother with two children who had been out of work for five years. She felt alone and helpless. When her youngest child began school, the client struggled to find a job that provided her with the flexibility she required to work and raise her family. The Restart Programme was probably exactly what she needed at the time.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our advisor decided to meet with the client on a regular basis, and they co – operated to reduce the client’s stress and anxiety about finding work. The participant started to acknowledge that she possessed a wealth of skills and knowledge gained through previous employment and as a parent. After a few meetings, she felt empowered to apply for jobs that she previously thought were above her, and she gained a great deal of confidence. When the participant was called in for an interview, our advisor provided interview clothing from Smart Works, making her feel at ease and professional. It wasn’t easy, but with her newfound confidence, she learned to answer interview questions and speak without feeling like her motherhood was a significant obstacle to her career.

The participant was given the opportunity to attend a second interview. We advised her to remain calm, breathe deeply, and pay attention to the questions being posed to her. She answered all questions, provided examples, and was able to easily navigate the in-house software system. The employer was impressed by her application, interview, and skills and decided to offer her a job with flexible hours to fit her children’s schedule.

“The help I received was very helpful and gave me more confidence to apply for different jobs. I needed that confidence because I was returning to work after a long break. The advisor made me feel happy and confident, and I was very satisfied with her assistance. She always provided the best possible answers to questions. Thank you for all of your help and support.”


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