A success story

Success story.

This client had been out of work due to both personal and pandemic-related issues, but with our assistance and his perseverance, he is now part of Get Set UK.

JETS | 22 July 2022

What was their situation?

When the participant joined the JETS programme in December 2021, he had been unemployed since 2015 due to some personal reasons. He had been actively looking for work but had been unsuccessful. During the first meeting, our advisor identified two major barriers to employment: he had lost confidence and the CV he had been using was inadequate and missing some important parts. The situation had deteriorated since the beginning of the pandemic, making it even more difficult for the candidate to find a new job.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our advisor, Anika, began working with the client to create a CV that was tailored to a good standard and relevant to the work he was looking for. We helped the customer gain confidence by practising mock interviews with him and inviting him to a few workshops. As a result, the participant gradually became more confident and benefited from the support he received during the meeting with our advisor and over the phone. During each appointment, our employment advisor also checked on his mental health and other areas of support he might require. We also provided financial assistance in the form of an Amazon voucher for his job search and as part of his In Work Support.

An administrative position at Get Set UK became available in April 2022, and the customer was invited to apply and attend a first interview. Anika prepared him for the interview by providing him with useful tips and advice on how to use his skills and competencies. The customer went to the interview and performed admirably. He was then contacted for a follow-up interview, which he also passed. He joined Get Set UK at the end of April and we are delighted to have him as a member of the JETS Programme team.

“I was unemployed for a year leading up to the pandemic, and a further two years during it. This had led to me having severe confidence issues, as I was having difficulties securing interviews due to the gaps in my employment history. I then joined Universal Credit, who then referred me to the JETS London Programme to support me further. I was introduced to my Employment Advisor at the JETS London Programme, who took my details and CV. She immediately went into action by supporting me with my CV and ensuring it was up to standards to obtain some interviews. She provided guidance on job applications and ensured she was offering vacancies in accordance with my job goals. With her support, I was invited to several workshops to speak with advisors at Get Set UK and learn about new roles and opportunities that they had available. Anika ensured to follow up with the advisors after the workshops to obtain feedback for me.

As I was referred to the JETS Programme to find administrative positions, Anika put me forward for an administrative position at Get Set. She provided guidance on how to compose myself for the interview and what to expect when attending. She fully equipped me for the interview. As a result of her support, I successfully passed the interview and gained sustainable, full-time employment as a Registration Officer at the JETS London Programme. I believe the JETS London Programme has had a positive impact on my life and has been a crucial part of my journey into full-time employment. I hope to further progress in my career at Get Set UK and plan to move into IT or quality assurance roles within the company in the future.”


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