A success story

Daniel’s success story.

Read the story of a Restart Scheme participant who had been out of work since 2018, and how we assisted him in finding work at Gatwick Airport.

Restart | 27 July 2022

What was Daniel’s situation?

The participant enrolled in the Restart Scheme in January 2022 after being unemployed since 2018. Daniel had been a barista for many years, but he decided to leave due to the high level of stress that he felt was too much for him. He began looking for job opportunities, but he was unable to find the type of job he desired.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our employment advisor Matteo, from our Crawley office, started to work with Daniel to determine the type of assistance he required as well as to learn more about his personality, skills, and goals. Matteo recognised that the customer was a very intelligent young man with specific dreams and ambitions. He also identified that the biggest barrier to the client returning to work was his lack of confidence, which had been harmed by a negative experience at his previous job. The first thing our advisor decided to do was work hard to rebuild the Daniel’s confidence and help him understand that he had a good skill set and that negative experiences do not occur in every job. The customer and our expert then focused on the CV, making various changes to make it more appealing to employers and highlighting the participant’s experiences and competencies, particularly those he had forgotten he possessed. Daniel gradually gained confidence and completed various career assessments such as ‘Strengths’ and ‘Customer Focus,’ which he found extremely useful.

When the Daniel felt more confident, he started applying for jobs and eventually found full-time employment as a check-in agent at Gatwick Airport. This was exactly what the client wanted, and he was overjoyed. He has only recently begun training and has had no problems so far. As part of our In-Work support, we will continue to work with Daniel to see how he is doing and if he requires any additional assistance.

Daniel appears to be satisfied in his current position and would welcome additional responsibilities if they became available in the future. He is especially pleased that he no longer needs to rely on universal credit and that he now has a new stable income.

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