A success story

The success story.

Our sister brand, TheLightBulb, has had a busy month with our Harvey Nichols Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships | 12 July 2023

What was the situation?

The new cohort of apprentices are now over two months in and are really starting to enjoy their retail programme. TheLightBulb is delivering a variety of fun and engaging learning around topics such as stock control, the environment, diversity, health and safety and marketing for Harvey Nichols during this scheme and is proud to play a part in supporting this successful retailer’s next generation of employees.

We have already had some excellent feedback from these new apprentices and are looking forward to how they will develop throughout the programme.

Patrick Li, the Learning & Development Lead for Harvey Nichols, shared his thoughts on our partnership: “TheLightbulb has consistently delivered exceptional professionalism and offered comprehensive support throughout our apprentice programme. Their unwavering dedication has ensured that candidates successfully completed all required pre-assessments, demonstrating their commitment prior to joining the programme. Throughout the programme, TheLightbulb team has provided meticulous follow-up, conducting regular catch-up sessions with apprentices, facilitating a diverse range of training programmes, and offering invaluable guidance and assistance to mentors in navigating through all program-related documentation. These efforts have played a pivotal role in the resounding success of the programme.”

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