A success story

Maryna’s success story.

Our Local London Work and Health Programme has transformed the job searches of people in East and South London.

Work and Health Programme | 21 July 2023

What was Maryna’s situation?

Maryna, a Ukrainian refugee, experienced the confidence boosting impact of this programme first-hand. Her journey to finding employment took a positive turn with the help of the Work and Health Programme.

When Maryna attended the NCS Session, she expressed her concern about the lack of job interviews and how it was affecting her confidence in the job search process.

How did Get Set UK help?

Seeking a positive turnaround, she was tearful and eager for assistance. With the support of Diane, her NCS advisor, her existing CV was reviewed and areas for improvement were identified.

Maryna’s CV was updated, and a new enhanced version created that effectively highlighted her skills, implemented a better structure, and expanded the document to two pages. This change allowed for a more comprehensive representation of her qualifications and experience, ensuring that important information was not squeezed onto a single page.

Maryna’s new CV quickly generated multiple interview opportunities within a very short period. These interviews marked a significant milestone for Maryna, being her first ones in the UK and have opened the doors to potential employment opportunities.

Maryna now awaits a response from Asda for a work trial, as she seeks a job that can accommodate her childcare responsibilities. The support and guidance from the Work and Health Programme in empowering individuals like Maryna to overcome barriers, develop their skills, and enter the workforce.

Maryna’s story shows the transformative impact this programme has in helping people on their back-to-work journey by providing the necessary guidance, support, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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