A success story

Waheed’s success story.

Waheed changed his life for the better in just two months with our guidance and professional advice.

Work and Health Programme | 24 May 2023

What was Waheed’s situation?

Waheed is a 20-year-old man from East London. He is a care leaver who enrolled in the Work and Health Programme earlier this year as a self-referral. An external organisation that works closely with us had discussed with Waheed the opportunities and support that Get Set UK could offer him and invited him to contact us.

Our colleague Anisa met Waheed in our office and was immediately impressed by his determination to find work and become more financially independent. He didn’t have a CV, so Anisa referred him to our colleagues at the National Careers Service (NCS) to help him create one, as well as to discuss the wide range of career possibilities that they could offer him.

Waheed attended a 2-day Health and Safety course while working with the NCS team, which he found very useful and interesting.

How did Get Set UK help?

His Employment Advisor, Anisa, saw him on a regular basis and noticed that he was growing in confidence and learning a lot of new things that would help him in his future job.

Anisa invited Waheed to an ERM workshop for security positions once his CV was completed. He took part in the workshop and was selected for an interview. He was happy, but he expressed concern about the interview because he lacked appropriate clothes and was experiencing financial difficulties. Anisa immediately referred him to Suited and Booted, a charity that provides interview clothing for unemployed men, and despite being fully booked, they assisted him.

Waheed went for his interview two days later, feeling confident and looking sharp in his new outfit. He performed well in the interview and was hired.

He expressed his gratitude to Anisa, the ERM team, and Suited and Booted for their support and the positive impact they had on his life, which had changed in just two months after joining the programme.

“Thank you so much from Get Set UK, especially Anisa. She helped me with everything a lot, from finding a job to preparing me for the job interview and helping me get a suit because I did not have one for the interview. She helped me get this job very quickly. Thank you so much.”

Waheed, Work and Health Programme

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