A success story

Mohammad’s success story.

Learn how we recently assisted an Afghan refugee who wants to start a new life in the UK and train to be a pilot.

Restart | 26 May 2022

What was Mohammad’s situation?

The participant was a young Afghan refugee who came to the UK to have a better life after being forced to flee his home due to a variety of circumstances. Most of his life, particularly his education, had been severely disrupted. Mohammad was learning to be a pilot when he moved to the UK, and he has continued his studies while looking for a job at the airport. During their first meeting, our advisor recognised that the candidate possessed strong employability skills but lacked the necessary tools to secure a job in the UK.

The customer’s first major challenge was obtaining a biometric residence permit (BRP) in order to work in the UK. Our team assisted him in obtaining a BRP card from the Home Office, as well as with his CV and cover letter, so that he could begin looking for new job opportunities.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our Employment Advisor began working with Mohammad to understand his needs, assist him in overcoming obstacles, and motivate him. It took him more than three months to get his BRP card, but it finally arrived. He was attending his Get Set UK appointments and going to a local college on a regular basis. As soon as the BRP share code went live, the participant began applying for jobs and was invited to an interview with Gatwick Airport as an airport operative. Mohammad attended a few workshops before his interview to improve his interview skills and learn how to believe in himself more.

Following his interview, the participant communicated that he had been hired and was overjoyed, as well as his intention to work on his professional development. Mohammad will continue to attend college and, most likely, begin looking for a second job. He is extremely happy that he is earning money and saving something for himself and his family. Mohammad still wants to become a pilot and wants to use some of his savings to enrol in a pilot training programme. He will continue to receive in-work support from Get Set UK and his employment advisor.

Mohammad has expressed his gratitude numerous times and maintains a positive relationship with his employment advisor. He is very happy to share his story in order to inspire others who are going through difficult times.

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