A success story

Success story.

Learn how the Work and Health Programme supported a client who had recently lost his job and was fighting cancer.

Work and Health Programme | 08 April 2022

What was their situation?

When the client joined the Work and Health Programme, he was undergoing radiotherapy for a treatable cancer. He was three weeks into a six-week treatment regimen. His GP had signed him off for three months, stating that he would require time to recover once all of the radiotherapy had been completed.

The client was initially hesitant to join the Programme, but we explained in detail what Get Set UK could do for him and the support that was available to him. The participant was unemployed because his previous employer had made him redundant due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

How did Get Set UK help?

The participant had never been out of work before. He didn’t have a CV, an email address, or even a device to apply for jobs. He also believed that his age and health complications created some mental barriers. Our advisor Paul not only helped him create an email address and a CV, but he also highlighted his achievements and skills to boost his self-esteem. We gave him a laptop to help him out more. Our team assisted him in his job search and provided advice and support on the best way for him to return to work. He had years of experience in the hospitality industry and began looking for job opportunities in that field. At the same time, we advised him to keep in touch with his previous employer in case the pandemic became more manageable and he could be considered again.

Following our expert’s advice, the customer continued to communicate with his previous employer on a fortnightly basis. Fortunately, after a period of difficulty and uncertainty, the hospitality industry gradually began to work more, and our client was offered a full-time job by his previous employer. The participant expressed gratitude for the assistance he received in understanding his abilities, as well as the activities that our advisor conducted with him to improve his self-esteem and health.

“I would like to thank you for all the help and wonderful support you have given me and my wife during the last 8 months. You made us feel like humans in this very tough time we have all had to endure. I would like to thank you and your other members of staff who have backed us during this time. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t treated as a number, but as an individual that needed help. I was going through a difficult time with my health and I got a lot of understanding from you. I had to go to the hospital on numerous occasions for treatment and you contacted me and my wife to enquire about me and what was happening. I will never forget your kindness and will always be thankful for your warm wishes and kind thoughts.”


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