A success story

Success story.

A young man needed our guidance and advice in order to find his way in life.

Work and Health Programme | 28 April 2022

What was their situation?

The participant was a 20-year-old man who had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He was in limbo when he joined the programme: he had just finished his A-levels and didn’t want to go to university.

How did Get Set UK help?

At the first meeting, our consultant assigned him a task: come up with five possible job options that he found fascinating and wanted to learn more about by the next appointment. The client identified a number of distinct job opportunities. However, he was eager to learn more about joining the army since he believed it would be a good fit for him. Our advisor went over all of the potential options for a military career with him and urged him to visit the recruitment centre. On the same day, he did it. Due to his age, we suggested he joins the Military Police, which is less difficult but still offers promising career opportunities.

A health check and a fitness test were offered to the participant. We gave him some dietary advice and physical support in preparation for this. The client was happy and followed our recommendations, after which he completed the medical and physical examinations. A week before his interview, when he was supposed to sign his name to fully join the army, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, making his mother hesitant to let him go. We comforted him by reminding him that he was still young and that there was always time to begin a military career. Our team persuaded him to look for another career that he liked at the time and possibly restart the process of joining the army in the future.

The customer and his Employment Advisor began looking for jobs in the area and applying for them. The client was selected for a JD Sports interview after a few days. Our team was delighted to assist him with his interview preparation, and he was eventually hired. The client is enjoying his new job and has been assigned to the In-Work Support Team.

Our team received positive feedback from the client, and his family is grateful for the assistance we provided. The customer has been telling his friends about his fantastic experience and has advised them to see if they can join the programme.

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