A success story

Success story.

Learn how the JETS programme benefited this unemployed participant in returning to work and finding a new work-life balance.

JETS | 02 March 2022

What was their situation?

The participant had been unemployed for a long time and was looking for a new way to support herself, but she couldn’t find anything. She expressed a desire to work in business administration, business support, or as a receptionist.

How did Get Set UK help?

After a few meetings in September 2021, we realised she was looking for a job that was flexible and would fit into her schedule, so we developed a strategy to assist her in obtaining her ideal job. Our advisor started looking for a few job vacancies, but none of them offered the client the freedom she needed. We assisted the participant in applying for some employment opportunities, but she had no luck.

Our team decided to learn more about our customer’s abilities and transferable skills, and they began searching for additional job options that would suit their talents and strengths. We invited the client to a session with our employment team at a company called SAGA, and she was delighted to learn that there were many opportunities for her.

The participant completed all stages of the interview process and is now back to full-time employment, thanks to her self-confidence and the excellent training she received from Get Set UK. Our Employment Advisor David will check in with her every two weeks to make sure she doesn’t need any help, and if she does, we will provide her with In Work support.

We recently questioned the participant about her experience with Get Set UK and our team. She said she was happy with her current employment and appreciated the assistance she received from our advisor, David, and Get Set UK.

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