A success story

Shona’s success story.

Discover Shona’s story and what our Restart team in Crawley did to assist her and her grand daughter.

Restart | 22 June 2022

What was Shona’s situation?

Shona Ward joined the Restart Scheme at the end of December 2021. When she first met our Employment Advisor James at our office in Crawley, she was nervous, but after a few minutes, she was more relaxed and explained what she expected from the programme. The candidate admitted that she was not looking for a new career, but rather a comfortable 9-to-5 job that would allow her to do more for her lovely granddaughter. She had 16 years of experience in catering, primarily in schools, and would prefer to find a new job in the same sector.

Our expert tried to learn more about Shona’s skills and experience, as well as the type of assistance she required. He collaborated with the participant to create a road map to help her improve her competencies in seeking a new job, identify her key skills, and hopefully find a new job opportunity very soon.

How did Get Set UK help?

The first step was to assist the candidate in creating a new CV and cover letter that she could use to apply for various positions, as she had not updated them in 16 years. Our colleague worked closely with the client to help her realise her full potential and improve the quality of her applications. After a few weeks, Shona started to feel more confident and motivated, and she decided to step up her job search. At the same time, she was undergoing training to obtain her food hygiene and preparation certificates, as her previous ones had expired. Shona applied for several jobs, but it was a difficult time to find work, and many companies did not respond.

After a few months, Shona had an interview and secured a job as a catering assistant at a local nursery. She suddenly felt stronger and more confident, and she was eager to begin her new job. Our advisor, James, continued to support Shona with her benefits and onboarding paperwork, and he reminded her that he was available to help her at any time.

Shona began her new job at the nursery only a few weeks after her interview, and she now enjoys cooking delicious meals for the nursery’s young children.

Shona is grateful for the assistance she received from our Restart team in Crawley. She is in contact with her  Employment Advisor, James, and has praised him many times for his support and guidance. Shona is still very motivated, and she claims to be wealthy enough to spoil her granddaughter.

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