A success story

Success story.

This Restart participant aspires to be self-employed and sell the product he created, and he is currently working and studying to achieve this objective.

Restart | 21 September 2022

What was Salah’s situation?

The participant enrolled in the Restart Programme in March 2022 in order to find sustainable employment. He had a degree, but he decided not to pursue his studies and instead follow his dream of becoming self-employed. He had created a product (body cream/oil) and wanted to further develop it and sell it. As a result, the participant was referred to Momentic to discuss self-employment and how to identify suitable funders for his project.

With the assistance of our Employment Advisor, Asma, the participant learned new tricks and gained a better understanding of his abilities and skills. He was a big user of the FedCap Hub and found it extremely useful. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a funder for his product and, together with his Employment Advisor, decided to find a part-time job to assist him at this time.

How did Get Set UK help?

He began looking for opportunities with the assistance of our team and discovered one at Sainsbury’s. The client received a job offer after a good interview, which he decided to accept.

The participant has been invited to his induction and training and will soon learn when he will begin working at Sainsbury’s. We will continue to financially assist the client by helping him purchase his uniform, safety shoes, and one month’s transportation to work. He will also receive In-Work support to ensure that he has settled well and that he does not require any additional assistance.

The participant is grateful for the support he received from our team in Crawley, particularly his Employment Advisor, Asma, but also from the Momentic team. He stated that he will continue to work on this project in order to become self-employed and begin selling his product in supermarkets.

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