A success story

Success story.

Find out what we did for a Restart participant who needed assistance finding a job in the postal sector and how he overcame his obstacles.

Restart | 09 November 2022

What was their situation?

The participant joined the Restart Scheme almost a year ago. He was a postman for the majority of his life, but he became unemployed and in need of assistance at one point. His dream was to work in a similar industry again, but he felt he lacked some skills, particularly digital skills, that were preventing him from looking for and finding new employment.

He had no idea what a cover letter was, and his CV was very plain, not explaining all of his experiences and capabilities well, and he had some difficulty applying for jobs online due to his age.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our colleague Matteo started working on developing an action plan that would allow the participant to learn new skills, overcome current obstacles, and hopefully find work. One of the main points of the action plan was to invite the participant to some workshops where he could learn something new and interact with other people who needed help. The participant was excited about the opportunity and attended three different workshops where he learned more about the various types of CVs, how to write and use a cover letter, and how to succeed during a job interview.

Following these workshops and with the positive support of his Employment Advisor, the participant created a good quality CV and wrote his first cover letter. He also had the opportunity to improve his digital skills, which he felt were limited due to his age. The participant then began looking for job opportunities that he was interested in and was able to use all of the different websites listing vacancies, such as Indeed.

The participant has now been offered a seasonal job with Royal Mail, which he will begin in December. He is overjoyed and can’t wait to start his new career. Get Set UK has already provided him with a pair of boots to wear when he begins to work, as he was concerned about not having the proper equipment to work in the warehouse. We will continue to support this man through In-work support, including fortnightly calls and emails to ensure that he is happy at work and that there are no issues.

In a recent meeting, the participant expressed his appreciation for the help he has received over the last year, as well as the many things he has learned. He is extremely happy, especially because he will be working for a company where he previously worked. He is aware that this is a seasonal job, but his goal is to keep it after the holiday season and make it a long-term position.

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