A success story

Alison’s success story.

Alison was having difficulty finding work due to a variety of obstacles, but with our professional and high quality support, she now has two part-time jobs.

Restart | 21 March 2023

What was Alison’s situation?

Alison, a 53-year-old woman from Crawley, joined the Restart Scheme in June 2022. When she first came to our office, she expressed her uncertainty about what to expect, but she was willing to work hard to find a new job. She had a few barriers that were preventing her from working, the main one being that she had caring responsibilities and could only work for a certain number of hours and in certain roles.

How did Get Set UK help?

Our team began working with Alison to learn more about her previous experiences, transferable skills, and future plans. Alison started to feel more confident, and she realised that Get Set UK was the right place for her to come for support, without having to worry about people judging her.

After we identified all of the barriers and had a better understanding of the participant, our Employment Advisor Nehal worked on some potential solutions to these barriers that could lead to more opportunities for Alison.

The first thing our colleague did was assist Alison with her Right to Work paperwork, as she lacked Photo ID. She was getting interviews thanks to her advisor’s help, but her applications couldn’t move forward because she didn’t have an ID. Our colleague Nehal then decided to process a CitizenCard so that she could apply for open positions and attend interviews.

Nehal was able to secure a job for Alison in a charity shop after close collaboration with Jolina, Employer Relations Manager.

Alison will be working 14 hours per week as a retail assistant. She was very happy about this opportunity because it allowed her to work another part-time job as a leaflet distributor. Alison joined Guildacre on March 17th, and her training will begin on April 4th. Alison has gained a lot of confidence, and every time she comes into the office, she is very friendly and brings a big smile with her.

Alison’s long-term goals are to free up more time and learn new skills in order to commit to more full-time roles. Our Employment Advisor will continue to assist Alison, and she is aware that he is always available to answer any questions or solve any problems.

“When I arrive at Get Set UK, I always find the staff to be very helpful and friendly. I can tell that the Restart Scheme genuinely wants to assist people in getting the most out of themselves. Get Set UK has given me the tools I needed to be in this position and has helped me as an individual by catering to my work-related needs. Everyone in the office is friendly, and I feel at ease. I would recommend the Restart programme to anyone in the same position because it can be extremely beneficial. I always look forward to coming to the office because everyone is very nice.”

Alison – Restart Scheme

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