Good Work & Health Ambassador Project Officer

Job Category: Officer
Job Type: 2 days a week Full Time
Job Location: Suffolk (Remote)
Salary: £28000

Impact on the community

The aim is to encourage good work and health for all across the Suffolk area through the establishment of an Ambassador Network.

Purpose of the job and what you will achieve

In this role, you will develop the Ambassador Network, workplace standards, self-assessment and branding.

Your day-to-day job

  • Develop an Ambassador Network – Build and maintain a network of ambassadors among local SMEs, ensuring active participation and commitment to creating healthier and more inclusive work environments.
  • Workplace Standards Development – Create and implement clear, attainable workplace standards focused on health, diversity, and disability inclusion.
  • Design Self-Assessment Tools – Develop user-friendly self assessment tools for SMEs to evaluate their adherence to the established workplace standards.
  • Networking & Engagement – Actively network with local SMEs to promote the ambassador network and encourage participation.
  • Establish strong, collaborative relationships with business leaders and stakeholders.
  • Proactive Outreach – Identify potential SMEs in the local area and engage them directly to join the network, explaining the benefits and support provided.
  • Analysis and Support – Regularly analyse the results from self-assessments to provide feedback and support to SMEs, helping them to meet and exceed the workplace standards.
  • Growth & Expansion of the Network – Focus efforts on expanding the network by demonstrating the tangible benefits of participation to current and prospective members.

The Person Behind The Job

  • You are ambitious and show this through your determination and innovation.
  • You inspire those around you to take responsibility through your daily actions.
  • You take pride in your daily achievements and want to support your local community.
  • You are considerate to your colleagues, partners and stakeholders and collaborate well in an inclusive environment.
  • You own your attitude, motivation and actions. You are prepared to step and be accountable.
  • You are confident and self-assured in presenting ideas and in different work environments.
  • You are focused on results and target-orientated in your approach.
  • You are empathetic and interested in others’ behaviours and needs.
  • You enjoy selling ideas and negotiating for great outcomes.
  • You are analytical in your approach and can evaluate information thoroughly and can quickly grasp complex issues.
  • You are conscientious and you see jobs through to the end whilst paying attention to quality.
  • You are systematic, well-organised and can plan well ahead and with realistic timescales.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Well-developed written language, able to clearly articulate and summarise a range of information.
  • Experienced in networking with local businesses and encouraging participation.
  • Able to create and develop high quality and easy to use self-assessments for employers to determine their meeting of the Workplace Standards.
  • Strong understanding of good workplace health principles and practices, especially relating to disabled and neurodiverse individuals.
  • Proactive, ensuring that SMEs are identified / approached to join the network.
  • Knowledge of financial wellbeing frameworks.
  • Good knowledge of Suffolk and the employer networks within.

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